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REVIEW: Big Dreams By Track45

Nashville based trio Track45 have released a new EP titled Big Dreams on February 26th, 2021.  It is a creative five single EP, released by BMG/BBR Music Group. This creative project  has some catchy well written tracks.  The siblings Ben, KK and Jenna Johnson have song writing credits on all four original tracks.  Three of the tracks were previously released on their Small Town EP.  One new original and a Dolly Parton cover round out the new EP.

Track45 are from a small town in Mississippi named Meridian.  The track in the name comes from Meridian having a deep railroad history.  45 comes from not only a record but the highway that would take them to gigs in the family Mazda.  They have strong family values that come out in their lyrics.  They drew this reviewer in and made me want to sing along to the catchy songs.  The siblings have strong music roots. Growing up they sang around the kitchen table.  Their Mom sang them to sleep. Grandpa was the church choir director.  Their uncle sang in a barbershop quartet.  Grandma gave them a variety of music lessons on many musical instruments. Upon moving to Nashville, they wrote up to two songs a day for years.  They have penned songs for Charlie Puth, Weezer, Justin Timberlake, Dierks Bentley, Lee Brice and Lauren Alaina.

Met me Now is the debut single.  It is written by Ben Johnson, KK Johnson, Jenna Johnson, Johnny Price and J Hart.  It is a catchy and sweet song.  Things would be different in the relationship if the two met now.  There are some regrets that you did not get to see what the singer is like today.   With lyrics like “we’d never be lonely/Wouldn’t give you the same me/ Baby if only”. It certainly makes you look at prior relationships in a whole new light.  The video on YouTube is totally how the reviewer pictured someone driving down the road just singing this song. 

Little Bit More is written by Ben Johnson, KK Johnson, Jenna Johnson, and Audra Mae.  The song seems to convey to the listener about being thankful for what you have in life. The song has a very likeable theme, being thankful for the simple things and appreciatimg all that you are given in life.

Come on In is written by Ben Johnson, KK Johnson, Jenna Johnson, and Gabby Mooney. This song has a homey vibe to it.  From momma waiting on a lawn chair in the driveway, to scrap book pages it is about what makes the singer/listener who they are as a person.  With lyrics like “Everything that made me’s on the other side of that door” just made me want to listen more. 

Me + You is written by Ben Johnson, KK Johnson, Jenna Johnson, Hunter Phelps, and Charlie Handsome.  Is so catchy and fun.  It is a sweet love song.  It is about things that “go” together.  As stated in the lyrics “Football and tailgates, bare feet and sand” these all go perfectly together.  A love song that says we are the perfect combination for each other.  

Light of a Clear Blue Morning is the Dolly Parton cover on the EP.  I love the vocals on the song.  The siblings sound great.  Don’t get this reviewer wrong, Dolly is a force to be reckoned with, in this reviewer’s opinion I would have liked another original.  

Track45 are truly talented individuals.  They are successful song writers.  The EP made me feel happy.  I listened to it on repeat wishing it was a warm summer day in Wisconsin so that I could blast the songs as I drove around in the car.  Below zero temperatures made this reviewer stick to blasting it in my house while singing along.  I look forward to more from this trio in the future.  

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