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Ray Fulcher Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut

Photo courtesy of Black River

Ray Fulcher recently stepped into the spotlight of the Grand Ole Opry stage for his debut performance. The new artist for Black River Records took to the stage on Friday night to perform his set. The day also marked another first for Fulcher by the release of his first single on country music airwaves.

Photo courtesy of Black River

Stepping onto the legendary stage at the Opry for the first time Ray Fulcher received a warm welcome from the full house and started his set with his debut single on the Black River Records Label “Girl in It.” “Girl in It” was written by Ray Fulcher, Erik Dylan and James McNair and produced by Jonathan Singleton. The second song of his set was “Bucket List Beers.”  The song was written by Ray Fulcher, Luke Combs, Tim Nichols and Chris Yarber and also produced by Jonathan Singleton. Before starting “Bucket List Beers” he told the story about how a conversation with his dad on the day of his retirement helped out with the second verse. He then gave a shout-out to his parents in the audience and finished his story with the following “I hung up the phone with him and said, ‘There’s my second verse.’ This is a bucket list moment for me tonight, and it would only be fitting we do this song.”  Fulcher then launched into “Bucket List Beers.” The third song release is called “Way Out” which was written by Fulcher along with Ross Copperman, Andrew DeRoberts, Jon Nite, Taylor Phillips and Michael Ray.

The final song of Ray Fulcher’s debut set on the Opry stage was “Selling Cars.”  It is an unreleased song by Fulcher. It is a song about Ray’s journey to make it in the music industry. He left the small town he grew up in to attend college. Graduated came home and sold cars. The lyrics say it all about how he felt “These half-empty rooms don’t give a damn about the dues I’m paying….” The audience cheered when Fulcher hit the hook, “…But it sure beats the hell out of selling cars.”  The full-circle moment overwhelmed Ray Fulcher and he had to step away from the microphone during the second verse to take a moment to compose himself.

Photo courtesy of Black River

Stream and download the new music from Ray Fulcher HERE.

Ray Fulcher is from a small town called Harlem, Georgia. He attended the University of Georgia and finished with a Master’s Degree. While at the University of Georgia he attended an Eric Church concert and was influenced by Church’s song “Lightning.”  His journey came full circle and a dream to play on the Opry stage was realized on Friday night. Fulcher’s music delivers with equal parts pride and good clean fun. 

He is an accomplished songwriter. He has co-written with his old friend, Luke Combs. He has written several songs with Combs including “When It Rains It Pours,” “Even Though I’m Leaving,” “Lovin’ on You” and “Does to Me.” The latter of course features Eric Church the mutual idol of Combs and Fulcher. Check out Ray Fulcher when he joins Luke Combs on his What You See Is What You Get Tour this fall.  Fulcher will also be touring in support of Ashley McBryde on select dates.

For more information on Ray Fulcher’s upcoming music, tour dates, merchandise, and more, please visit rayfulchermusic.com and follow him on and TikTok

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*Featured photo courtesy of Black River


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