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PRYOR & LEE Release Two New Songs On Digital Platforms

Image courtesy of Black River Records

Duo Pryor & Lee proved they can do more than cater to the rowdier side of country music.  They just released two songs that do what country songs do best, tell good stories.  “Good Ol’ Dogs and God” and “Carry On” are now available to stream and download here

Video courtesy of Pryor & Lee and YouTube

“Good Ol’ Dogs and God” is also playing on top playlists on Apple Music (New In Country), Amazon Music (Breakthrough Country) and Spotify (New Music Nashville).  It’s no wonder it’s appearing on all these great playlists either because it’s a song so many of us can relate to.  It celebrates the strong, loving bond we share with “man’s best friend” and our Creator.  The lyric video is a tearjerker, comprised of photos and videos submitted by fans, honoring their four-legged family members.  Also included are Pryor & Lee’s own “baby girls,” Winnie, Whiskey and Remy.

“Our dogs mean the absolute world to us,” said  Kaleb Lee.  “After being on the road or just being gone for a few hours writing a song there is nothing like coming home to our best four-legged friends,”  Pryor Baird adds.  “They have gotten us through so many hard times over the years and are always there to enjoy the great ones with us as well.  We are so grateful to our family, friends and fans for submitting pictures and videos of them with their dogs as we celebrate our dogs together through this special song.”

Photo courtesy of Black River Records

We all have a unique story and “Carry On” reminds us of that.  The chorus is all about living a full life, telling one’s own story and continuing to carry on.

Video (audio) courtesy of Pryor & Lee and YouTube

These songs were celebrate the craft of storytelling in country music.  They were written by veteran songwriters who have seen their work turn to hits, and new writers that are just starting out.  Both tracks were produced by award-winning, hit songwriter, Doug Johnson.

“Good Ol’ Dogs and God” (Doug Johnson, Elvie Shane, Adam Wood, Trent Fisher)

“Carry On” (Jessi Alexander, Matt Jenkins, Chase McGill)

For more information and to keep current with Pryor & Lee, visit their website at pryorandlee.com

Photo courtesy of Black River Records

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*Featured image courtesy of Black River Records




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