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Olivia Lane

Olivia Lane recently released her self titled EP and I got to chat with her about the project and what she’s been up to lately.

I love your Sunshine Movement, tell our listeners how that all started and what inspired you to sing this song.

When I came into the write that day, I was writing with Ilya Toshinsky and Jim Beavers and I said “Guys I need to write my anthem today, I need to write something that is 100% completely me, something up tempo and fun.” And my co-writer was like, “Has anyone ever told you you’re very sunshiny?” I was like oh there’s this one called Make My Own Sunshine and I totally live by that, maybe we can write my own spin on that.. that’s kinda how Make My Own Sunshine was born. As I live through the song and performed it out, I was like you know what there’s just so much craziness in this world, I need to actively do something on social media having to do with my single. Maybe I just need to start a movement called the Sunshine Movement, get out there, make my own sunshine, encourage others to spread positivity and joy and post it on social media. That’s kinda how the Sunshine movement came about.

So tell me about the new EP, tell me what was your favorite song to write, I know it’s hard probably as a songwriter to pick a favorite but tell me which one you enjoyed working on.

Well in general I think this EP is a more mature look at who really Olivia Lane is, who I am and the journey I’ve been on for the last couple of years being on the road and pursuing my dreams being a country singer. I think one of my favorites is the song “She Fits”. It’s strange that that’s the song that everybody is kind of gravitating towards, I thought that was the song that probably everybody weren’t gonna gravitate towards, but it’s a personal song for me. It seems the more personal I get the more people gel with it. It’s about a real relationship in my life, it’s sort of that real bittersweet moment in life you realize. You know what I loved this guy but he moved on, he’s happy, found a girl that fits his life, they fit each other and it’s sort of a trial and tribulation of me deciding to follow my dreams instead of staying there. “She Fits” is definitely reflective of the whole theme of the EP.

What have you been up to as far as touring, who have you been touring with and what are some of the experiences?

Oh man, it’s been a month of being on the road, I’m so happy to get home to my actual bed- BUT it’s been a great great month. We played a couple of festivals this month, this summer a couple of radio shows, we were just in Detroit and we played this thing called the WYCD Hoedown, which was so fun. It was a bunch of acts opening for Brad Paisley basically and then I got to open for Kip Moore in Yerington, Nevada. I got to play a couple shows in San Diego, a couple shows in Fresno, one with Craig Campbell in Fresno. It’s just been a whirlwind of touring these last six months. I just looked at the calendar and was like “it’s already August? What is happening?” It’s crazy but we’ve got a couple more shows all the way through January and a couple of cruises coming up so were constantly staying on the road and playing the new music out.

Alright so let’s do some fun questions:

If you could write or perform with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

I always get this question and it’s always a different answer, I’m alway inspired by a different person and places. That’s such a tough question, who am I feelin’ today? Probably, gosh, I’d love to work with, well if I did back then and now.. I’d love to work with Bruno Mars now but I’d also love to do a duet with Patsy Cline, that would blow my mind.

If you could take one thing on an island what would you take and why?


 Last Question, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor and why?

A good vanilla with colored sprinkles from Baskin Robbins is my jam. It’s simple, very simple, it’s very specific but it’s like my childhood.

It was great catching up with Olivia, if you don’t know her or haven’t met her in person she truly exemplifies being “sunshiny”. Her positive vibe resonates in her life, music and through her social media platform. She’s the kind of girl you are drawn to. This past February during Country Radio Seminar, while we all donned long sleeves and coats from the cold weather in Nashville, Olivia gave out sunglasses, margaritas, leis and an acoustic performance you’d never forget with a voice like hers. This artist has got some pipes! Admittedly “Lightning” is one of my favorites off the album. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE can relate to the theme of these lyrics,

“They say, you’re a small town kid,

dreamin’ way to big,

better keep playing it safe.

Wanderin’ off to far, 

from a fenced in yard would just be a foolish mistake.

But here’s a simple truth

do what you dare to do,

I swear when they see you,

it’s gonna be thunder, thunder,

makin everybody wonder, wonder

what they didn’t see when you light it up,

get the southern sky burning bright enough,

yeah you’re gonna be like lightning, lightning”

Lyrics that follow true for anyone not following the path others believe they should take. It’s actually in my workout playlist, inspiring me to run a little faster in my workout and towards my dreams.

Pick up Olivia’s recently released EP and tell us which song is your favorite!

Olivia Lane EP Track Listing:

1. Lightning

2. Quarter Life Crisis

3. Make My Own Sunshine

4. She Fits

5. My Heartache

6. There’s A Guy

7. Keychain


Would you like to win an autographed copy of Olivia’s new EP? We will be giving away two copies to two of our followers that share with us how they make they’re own sunshine! Tweet us using @Think_Country and #SunshineMovement for a chance to win. Winner will be chosen Monday! 


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