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NEWS: Rob Mayes debuts the first two tracks from forthcoming ‘Songs From the Sofa: A Quarantine Project’ EP

As the world continues to fight back against the on-going pandemic, singer/songwriter/actor Rob Mayes has been putting his time to good use making new music.

Continuing his prolific streak of releases, Mayes will release ‘Marshalls Sticker’ on Friday 14th August. The song is the second to be taken from his upcoming 4-track acoustic EP ‘Songs From the Sofa: A Quarantine Project’, which is due for release later in the year.

‘Marshalls Sticker’ is an homage to living. Certainly no one’s perfect, and we all know that no one lives forever. Mayes urges us to live our lives to the fullest while we still got some time left. The song was written by Mayes, who plays guitar and sings vocals, and it features Smith Curry on pedal steel.

‘Songs From the Sofa: A Quarantine Project’ was written and recorded in Mayes’ own living room in lockdown during the global COVID-19 pandemic. It features Mayes with a stripped-down sound as he sheds light on the uncertainty and doubt, and solemnness, associated with the times, while still imbuing the current climate with solace and hope.

‘Avalon’: https://open.spotify.com/track/7ohMmKfFG7rkysVexfMBsm?si=JALmji0ySRWBOKyn-4-vaQ

 ‘Marshalls Sticker’: https://open.spotify.com/track/4dolTsJduFcnNz6DVfMUXg?si=YOkL-fbHSqSfiZCP_0nVBA

‘Marshalls Stickers’ arrives less than a month after ‘Avalon’, the lead single from ‘Songs From the Sofa: A Quarantine Project’.

Since its release ‘Avalon’ has picked up strong support across streaming platforms and it continues to cement Mayes’ reputation as an artist unafraid to show his versatility and strengths as one of the most exciting rising stars in country music.


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