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NEWS: Noble Jacks Keep the Flame Burning With Their Brand-New Campfire Sessions

The vibrant Noble Jacks have never been ones to sit idly on their derrieres or laurels: not when there’s a stage to be mounted or a chance for performance and carousing to be had! Nor, when that’s not possible, do they miss an opportunity to develop or showcase their material in other ways.  Over 8 weeks, therefore, the band are releasing The Campfire Sessions: a series of videos capturing acoustic sessions, specially-recorded round a campfire! The lads will be releasing generous servings of life-enhancing, socially-distanced Noble Jacks goodness out into the land, via the magic of the internet on YouTube.

Had not the COVID-19 crisis brought live gigs and festivals to a grinding halt, the Noble Jacks would’ve been undertaking their much-anticipated headline tour in Spring and playing to acclaim at festivals this Summer, but of course all such events got stymied by the pandemic.

The simply-shot performances showcase the Noble Jacks’ songwriting and storytelling, and give a fresh perspective on them: one that contrasts with their trademark high-energy, roof-raising, full-band experience in studio or — in their natural habitat — live on stage before an raucous, revelling, foot-stomping audience.

The song chosen for this weeks The Campfire Sessions hails from the band’s latest ‘Stay Awake’ Deluxe album.  The Jacks explain:

Enjoy The Ride is a song that’s incredibly close to our hearts. Written in the wake of a close friend taking his own life, we wanted the song to send a positive message as to how we engage with mental health as a society. We all have brushes with mental illness, whether it’s by directly experiencing it or being close to someone who is suffering. In either eventuality, it is important that there is no stigma attached to these feelings and that we can talk openly as a society without fear of judgement with our close friends, to help us see all the amazing positives that the world has to offer. It’s ok not to feel ok and by talking we can all save lives.

These sessions will take a breath away from our high-energy live show, to highlight the stories within our songwriting. We’re really excited to have had the time to jam acoustically round the campfire, something we don’t usually get to do as often as you’d think, since usually we’d be driving the length and breadth of the country playing festivals every weekend at this time of year. We’re making the most of the time we have at home to enjoy the company of our friends and family, and to play music together.

The Noble Jacks’ message then is: “Grab a cup, sit back and hang out with us through this series of acoustic campfire sessions as we release more through the Summer!”

Hell, bring a brew or your beverage of choice, and watch this space! Round a crackling campfire, as day gives way to dusk and night, sparks drift into the air and the Jacks perform with skill, soul, and the love of their craft.

Website:                           https://www.noblejacks.com/

Twitter:                             https://twitter.com/noble_jacks

Soundcloud:                    https://soundcloud.com/noble-jacks

Instagram:                       https://instagram.com/noblejacksmusic

YouTube:                          https://youtube.com/noblejacksofficial

Facebook:                        https://facebook.com/noblejacksofficial


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