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Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall Collaborate On ” The Marfa Tapes”

Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall Collaborate On ” The Marfa Tapes” Album

Hot on the back of the revelations about her planned bar and restaurant in downtown Nashville which we shared recently Miranda Lambert’s Broadway Bar – Think Country (thinkcountrymusic.com)  comes more exciting Miranda Lambert news….this time music related.

Together with her friends and collaborators Jack Ingram and Jon Randall she will be releasing a new album, The Marfa Tapes, on 7th May and available to pre-order The Marfa Tapes (lnk.to)

So called as its 15 tracks were written and recorded in the tiny, middle-of-nowhere town of Marfa, Texas, it is a collection of beautifully intimate songs recorded raw and loose with just a pair of microphones and an acoustic guitar. Much of the album was recorded outdoors, inviting the ambient sounds of the desert to seep into their live, stripped back performances, creating a truly transportive atmosphere. You can get the feel of what resulted courtesy of the lead track and accompanying video, the beautifully moving love song “In His Arms”, which is available now

The perfect get away from the distractions of everyday life, Marfa is a place where the trio have escaped to many a time over the past years, their visits yielding not only massive hits but also personal growth. When they returned there last November though they came not to write but to record this captivating new album, inspired by the stark beauty of west Texas and the deep bond the three have forged there.
“I’ll never forget pulling into Marfa that first night at 4am,” said Lambert. “The stars were like nothing I’d ever seen before, just this endless blanket hanging so low you could reach up and touch them. I immediately understood why this place was so special.”
“There’s no TV, no radio, nothing to do out there but pour a cocktail, sit around the campfire, and talk,” continued Randall. “Eventually, that just inevitably leads to songs. There’s no pressure to write, but most of the time, the three of us can’t seem to help ourselves.”
While a couple of the tracks may already be familiar to listeners – ACM Song of the Year “Tin Man” as well as fan favourite “Tequila Does” – the vast majority of these songs have never been heard outside of Marfa. The result is a rare glimpse inside the creative process of three of the genre’s most accomplished writers and performers; a candid, unvarnished look at Lambert, Randall, and Ingram’s undeniable chemistry in its purest, most honest form.
“There’s something singular that happens in that moment of collaboration and creation, something you can never really recreate in the studio,” said Ingram. “Our hope with this album was to share a little bit of that magic with people.”

Track List:
01) In His Arms
02) I Don’t Like It
03) The Wind’s Just Gonna Blow
04) Am I Right Or Amarillo
05) Waxahachie
06) Homegrown Tomatoes
07) Breaking A Heart
08) Ghost
09) Geraldene
10) We’ll Always Have The Blues
11) Tin Man
12) Two-Step Down To Texas
13) Anchor
14) Tequila Does
15) Amazing Grace (West Texas)

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