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Mike Lowry Announces New Single ” Haven’t Forgotten”

Back in June we introduced you to Georgia artist Mike Lowry, who was about to release ” Living Alone With Your Memory”, the lead single from what will be his next studio album ” Holding It Together” , due out later this year

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Well next Friday, 28th August, we will get another taster of what to expect from that release in the form of his next single , ” Haven’t Forgotten” , a song he wrote a while back about the frustrations of being in an long-distance relationship with the woman who would eventually become his wife.
Mike says ” Haven’t Forgotten is both a distressed plea for the affections of unrequited love and an optimistic statement for that love soon to return. I sought to capture my thoughts and emotions I suffered while in a long distance relationship. I couldn’t have known at the time of the initial song writing that everything would work out as well as it did. I’m now a happily married man to the woman in the song and it’s wonderful to have this song act as a time marker of how I was feeling in the early stages of our long distance relationship.

We had a great beginning to our relationship— but, when still in the early days, our passionate rhythm was interrupted by a job offer that led us to a long distance separation. I could feel her pulling away and getting involved in another life in her new city. It was driving me crazy. The songwriter in me jumped at the chance to help me figure out what I was feeling …… It took very little effort to coax this song out. It was bubbling in my mind and flopped out onto the page almost fully formed. I’m always happy to have finished a new song and this one had an added bonus— it cemented the love we shared. I played it for her after driving to spend a precious weekend together. She heard the song and it reignited the flame. She knew how strongly I felt and it won her over ”

Check out the song now via the lyric video for which is already available

Mike continues ” The song is rooted musically in the opening guitar riff and takes off from there. A heavy drone of guitar with pounding drums pulls you back to the guitar driven sounds of yesteryear— with a fresh slice today’s excitement. An impatience builds in the riff until the musical intensity gives way to the impassioned yell— ‘Nothing but a missed call to you now, a phone ringing annoyance when you’re out ‘”.
Of course we will bring you further news of the new album as soon as possible, but meanwhile keep in touch with all Mike’s news via the links below

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