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Mickey Lamantia Releases Honky Tonk Confessions: The Final Chapter

Honky Tonk Confessions: The Final Chapter is out now. This is the latest installment in a series of EPs by Mickey Lamantia.    Honky Tonk Confessions: The Final Chapter can be found on all digital music platforms. (here)

The producers of the album had this to say about Mickey Lamantia and Honky Tonk Confessions: The Final Chapter.  Bill McDermott, a longtime collaborator with Mickey has said the following about the new EP. “Anyone who loves listening to classic country singers needs to hear Mickey Lamantia he is the real thing.”  Buddy Cannon added “Mickey Lamantia’s voice pulls you in. You hear his heart in the songs.” “Honky Tonk Confessions: The Final Chapter is a throwback to the days when records made you turn it up loud and play it again.”  The first single off the EP is “Honky Tonk Confessions” written by Mickey Lamantia / Buddy Cannon / Marla Cannon Goodman. LaMantia states; “The idea about the series came before the song, so there was some pressure to hit a home run with this song.”  

The track list for Honky Tonk Confessions: The Final Chapter is as follows:

 1) The Toast (Mickey Lamantia / Kyle Reagan)

 2) Ladies Love Outlaws (Lee Clayton

 3) Honky Tonk Confessions (Mickey Lamantia / Buddy Cannon / Marla Cannon Goodman) 

 4) Numb (Mickey Lamantia / Buddy Cannon)

 5) Things That Daddy Said (Buddy Cannon / Larry Shell)

 6) If I Don’t Die Before I’m Dead (Mickey Lamantia / Marla Cannon Goodman)

 7) Let Go Let God (Mickey Lamantia / Marla Cannon Goodman) 

 8) Don’t Do As I Do Do As I Say (Mickey Lamantia / Buddy Cannon) 

The second single from Honky Tonk Confessions: The Final Chapter will be a new cover of the Waylon Jennings song “Ladies Love Outlaws. This track has a vocal assist from Melonie Cannon and Jamey Johnson


Mickey Lamantia is a singer/songwriter from Cranston, Rhode Island. He was a state Corrections Officer for 20 years. Lamantia uses his perspective as a prison guard as inspiration for many of his songs and always knew he wanted to be a musician. Lamantia was raised listening to Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Boxcar Willie. Lamantia was discovered while singing a Randy Travis song at a karaoke bar and asked to open a few shows for Willie Nelson. Mickey Lamantia also hosts Whiskey Wednesdays sponsored by Sons of Liberty Whiskey Company on Facebook.  Mickey Lamantia has opened for Jamey Johnson, Mickey Gilley and Billy Joe Shaver

Stay current with Mickey Lamantia on his website mickeyml750.com and follow him on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Music is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora and YouTube Music

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