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Mark Bray – I Learned That From You

On the 31st July, Mark Bray will release his new single ‘I Learned That From You’, and it’s sure to prick up the ears of a few new fans.

It’s nearly three years since Bray released his EP, ‘You Follow Me Around’. He has spoken previously to Think Country about his musical influences, from James Taylor and Elvis Presley through to Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers. But this new track, like Bray’s previous music, harks back to a not-so-long-ago golden era of ’90s country.

The lyrics merge a current relationship break-up with the memory of a previous one. This is two love stories, two lovers and two heartbreaks rolled into one. Bittersweet déjà vu.

The track opens with a simple piano, which shows off Bray’s vocal. His voice is outstanding on this single; it’s crisp, precise and full-bodied. The harmonies build throughout the track and the careful weaving of vocal parts towards the end, allows the vocals to mirror the lyrics of a story repeating itself.

Instrumentally, the track is a steady climb. The peak at the end of the song is an impressive guitar solo from world-class Jason Roller, who is best known for playing with the likes of Alabama, Dolly Parton, Wynonna and Kellie Pickler.

‘I Learned That From You’ marks the next chapter of Mark Bray’s career. If this track is anything to go by, it’s a chapter we’ll all want to tune in to.



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