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Maren Morris GIRL

Since she blessed us with her album ‘Hero’ back in 2016 Maren, has been immersed in rich musical collaborations with the likes of Zedd, Vince Gill, Thomas Rhett and Niall Horen and her musical capacity has gone from strength to strength.

Maren has now released her lasted album entitled Girl.

Kicking things off track one which, is the title track of the album ‘Girl’ is a song every girl can relate too, states of sadness and tears but I sense a empowerment to remember we can be strong pick ourselves up, the line ‘’Girl, don’t hang your head low- Girl, don’t loose your halo’’ creates a depth and draws us in to this journey of the song.

Girl – Maren Morris

’The Feels’ gives me the feels to tap my feet it has a very fun feel to it and has a summer song aspect to it, it feel-good tune that will be stuck in your head.

‘All My Favourite People’ Feat. Brothers Osborne is a real treat- the melody in this song has a substance and the vocal mix between Maren and T.j creates a unique blend that fits. The clear crisp melodic work Maren provides is accompanied with this rich depth of T.j’s vocals nestled within this catchy tune its jammed packed and punchy and has layers its a huge thumbs up!

‘Common’ Feat. Brandi Carlile delivers a different direction of sound, a bit more of a pop feel to this song it works well to give diversity which is something Maren is known for in her music. Carlile’s vocals are beautifully delivered and emotion is captured in this track.

‘The Bones’ the structure of the song is super catchy, simple but very effective, the play on words especially – the slowing down emphasis on words and then pace change of the lyrics is really fun.

‘Good Woman’ this track is well worth a mention, the lyrics within this song are beautiful… ‘’I’ll keep you warm beneath the sheets, The weight of the world’s got nothing on me, cause you’ve got the love of a good woman’’ just wonderfully thought out and written.

Overall this album shares so much, it conveys so many meanings a story of something everyone can relate too and understand, it encapsulates many emotions and guides us through a journey. There are certainly tracks on this album that will stick in my head and certainly one of those is ‘Girl’ so I think it was a title well chosen and song well written to kick start this new released. The variety of sounds and genres are refreshing it does not leave you bored but rather intrigued as to where the next track will lead us, with 14 songs on this album it is jammed packed with fun energetic material.

Track Listing
1) Girl
2) The Feels
3) All My Favourite People- Feat. Brothers Osborne
4) A Song For Everything

6) Flavor
7) Make Out With Me
8) Gold Love
9) Great Ones
10) RSVP

11)To Hell & Back
12)The Bones
13)Good Woman

Maren will be touring here in the UK, May



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