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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan

‘Kill The Lights’

By Paul Nicholson


The CMA Entertainer of the Year for 2015 returns with his latest album ‘Kill The Lights’, and it’s a bit different from his previous offerings.

Now, before I start, I have to tell you… my wife is a HUGE Luke Bryan fan. He could release a blank CD and she would buy it, love it and sleep with it under her pillow – as long as it had his picture on the front of it. So for her to say ‘Hmmm…I’m not quite sure about this yet,’ after her first listen should give you a clue about his subtle change in style.

Don’t get me wrong. We have both listened to it a number of times now, and we are both enjoying it as much now as we did his previous albums.

The CD can definitely be described as a grower.

It certainly has a more crossover feel about it, with a soulful, funky edge. Title track ‘Kill The Lights’ and ‘Move’ have a heavy bass beat that give them a definite dance/soulful vibe.

The CD starts with ‘Kick The Dust Up’ (the track he named his latest tour after). A provocative trippy song, with an edgy feel from start to finish. By the time the song is halfway through, you’re starting to realise that this album may have more surprises in store than the usual Bryan stuff.

It continues in that vein with the aforementioned ‘Kill The Lights’.

Of course, it isn’t all different. I have always thought of Luke as the King of the Ballads, and he reinforces that opinion with ‘Strip It Down’ and ‘Fast’. His slow songs always have the ability to make you picture exactly what he is describing in your head with such vividness that you could be standing there next to him.

‘To The Moon And Back’ is a particularly poignant ballad. If ever you want to play the perfect song to a loved one to let them know exactly how much you love them… then THIS is the song. It’s a wonderful, spectacular song that I find simply mesmerising. A song to tell his wife exactly how much she means to him, I can see it being used by many bride and grooms as a wedding song for them to profess their love for each other.

Tracks like ‘Just Over’, ’Love It Gone’ and ‘Way Way Down’ (with a big resemblance to ‘Spring Break Down’ from his Spring Break… Checkin’ Out album), are just pure Luke Bryan that have him practically winking and smiling out of the speakers to all of his swooning female fans.

Luke recently described ‘Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day’ as one of his favourite songs that he has ever recorded. Again, it takes a couple of listens to get into it, but like the rest of the album, once you have, you’ll be glad you did.

If you follow him on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform, then you’ll know that Luke Bryan does spend many of his days hunting and fishing, and he is loving every day… and why shouldn’t he? He is living the dream, and enjoying every minute of it. The man can do no wrong, even his home-made karaoke session with Jason Derulo went viral and was broadcast on every entertainment news show, and not just in the US. It was actually being promoted on Capital FM’s website here in the UK.

He has definitely taken a chance with this CD. He has tried some new things, and some new sounds, and why not? He is in the enviable position of being so popular that he is able to try stuff out, and get away with it.

If you listen to this album, and don’t ‘get it’ at first, then my advice would be don’t give up on it. Put it back in the player, and try it a couple more times. I promise you, you won’t regret it and you’ll soon be strutting, nodding, bopping and singing along like you’d known these songs for years.


Track Listing

  • Kick The Dust Up
  • Kill The Lights
  • Strip It Down
  • Home Alone Tonight (Featuring Karen Fairchild)
  • Razor Blade
  • Fast
  • Move
  • Just Over
  • Love It Gone
  • Way Way Back
  • To The Moon And Back
  • Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day
  • Scarecrows



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