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Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright – Wednesday’s Child (EP)


Wednesday Child is the follow up to Lisa’s 1st EP Before I Die released in 2015.  If you haven’t yet listened to Lisa you really need to, she has a stunning voice, it is clear and sweet.  I first saw Lisa at FSA Fest in 2015, she had a slot Sunday early afternoon, 1 of the first acts on that day, so a difficult slot.  Right from the get go she impressed the heck out of me!  Her voice was stunning and the lyrics clever and sometimes funny.  My favourite is still a song she sang about standing up to perform for a crowd, nervous & trying not to be, mouth gone dry, the crowd then proceed to talk over her!  A pet hate of mine, so the fact that someone has actually written a song about it, superb!

The EP starts with In The End.  A Lisa special!  It is a heart break song, with a slow & haunting melody.  It is just Lisa singing and a guitar in the background playing a few notes, towards the end, the track builds to a crescendo with the guitar becoming stronger, then finally back to Lisa & the soulful guitar.  Brilliant start!

Rising Strong is a faster tempo, a song of hope & promise, a song that suggest of a man trying to keep Lisa at bay, whilst he forges ahead.  Lisa is not having any of that & will fight to get where she wants to go, with or without him!

Waiting For Rain is slow tempo again, I don’t know if I prefer the slow tempo or the fast tempo!  The slow tempo has you swaying along and drifting wistfully away, whilst the fast tempo has you nodding your head & tapping your feet!  The song is about loss & regret, but living not just to see another day, but to fight another day!  Great feisty lyrics!

The final track Why Would I Wanna finishes the EP with a wistful song about getting your fingers burnt in love, when you love a guy, but he loves another.  Some brilliant lines in this track – Every time I let myself, Jump down off that dusty shelf; & how it would be better to stay at home with a bottle of wine!


Another very strong EP from Lisa, very good lyrics and her vocals are as ever spot on.  There is a reason she is the BBC Introducing in Essex ‘Sound of 2017’ and why the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI) recognise her as their ‘Artist to Watch’.

Lisa has formed a very strong friendship with Jack Cooper & Rob Gulston – aka Holloway Road, the 1st track on the EP, In The End, is a co-write with them.  I really like the idea of these guys working together, I think it works well all round.  Take a look at a video here, Rob is on the guitar.

Release date of Wednesday’s Child is 21st April, with pre-order from 24th March.







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