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Lee Brice Partners With Casey’s & Talks About His Priceless Year

Photo courtesy of Lee Brice

I had ten minutes to chat with Lee Brice last week and we made it count via Zoom. Brice was excited to announce his partnership with the convenience store/pizza chain Casey’s and its Summer of Freedom Sweepstakes. In an effort to get people back out to live concerts and back out to enjoy life again in general, Casey’s has launched the sweepstakes. They’re just trying to “lighten the mood” according to Brice, and help everyone appreciate the freedom we’re beginning to experience once again. Those who enter can win different prizes, and the ultimate grand prize is a free concert from Lee Brice in the winner’s hometown. For all the details on how the contest works and how to enter, please visit http://caseys.com/summer

Image courtesy of Casey’s

In addition to feeling good about this new partnership with Casey’s, Brice has good reason to be happy with how things have been going overall. A year that saw so many feeling depressed over lockdowns, shutdowns and illness did have some bright spots. In Brice’s case, there were CMA Awards and a recent ACM Award for his duet with Carly Pearce, “I Hope You’re Happy Now.” He put out his most recent album, Hey World, one that he feels is his best project to date, but most of all, he feels grateful for the time he was able to spend with his kids. For a guy who has lived so much of his life on the road, he truly appreciated the forced time off, so he could teach his kids to do things he feels they need to know, how to fish, put air in a tire or hook up a trailer. He just enjoyed being a dad full-time.

Hearing a big country star who had a year filled with amazing career highs say the highlight of that year was being home with his kids is about as cool as it gets, but you can’t get away from his album. In my Think Country review of that album back in November of 2020, I agreed with Brice. It is his best project so far. I think it’s a masterpiece that’s going to be hard to keep up with, much less top, so I asked him what his favorite track on the record is. He admitted it’s hard to choose one. He likes “Lies,” and “Save the Roses” is special to him. “Sons and Daughters” has something important to say, so he added that one to the list as well. On an album that’s jammed from end-to-end with undeniable tracks, it’s almost impossible to narrow it down.

Image courtesy of Curb Records/Lime Tree Music

It’s also a challenge to cram everything you’d like to talk about into ten minutes, which was the time allotted for the interview. We ran through the key points, so I asked him one last question, a random one from a Chat Pack I often use during interviews. The question on the Chat Pack card asked what fictional character you would bring to life if you could. Brice said he’d probably like it to be Superman because he likes to fly in his dreams and he’d just like to get on his back and fly. With the year he’s had, I’d say he’s already flying pretty high. A well-deserved high.

Video courtesy of Lee Brice/Fleischman Hillard/Think Country/YouTube

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*Featured photo courtesy of Lee Brice


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