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Indigo Summer

Not To – Single Review


If you have read my previous review on Indigo Summer’s debut single Slow Down Summer then you know I am a huge fan of their music and strongly believe in their future success. With the first single being a summer anthem and a very up-beat fun-lovin track – Indigo Summer have released their second single Not To, which shows a more serious side to their music and proves how dynamic they can be both lyrically and musically.

You can download Not To here: Listen to Not To – Single by Indigo Summer on @AppleMusic Here

Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix who make up Indigo Summer – both take lead vocal on this song. Not To is a song Not to be something you miss ( there is a song in there somewhere ). The song sets the stylings for the rest of the album which I can tell you is a gripping album full of melodious, noteworthy songs throughout. But that is another review for another time.

What I like about the song Not To, is that it holds similarities to Lady Antebellum yet retains a lot of originality too, showing Indigo Summer have their own style.Bryan and Hope’s voices blend very well together and both have a notably southern accent which is refreshingly natural.

Not To is a mature, catchy song with a sweet- sounding, foot- tapping melody that has instant appeal. It is certainly a song I can imagine being played on country radio a lot and hope it gets that opportunity. Not To is a song about attraction, temptation and how hard it is to Not To do all the things that you know you shouldn’t. This song is likely to be relatable to a lot of people and as Hope said to me in an interview – ‘especially when there is drink involved’. The songs setting is in a night-club and the lyrics tell us of dressing up for the occasion in hope that the other person makes an appearance and all those oh-so regrettable decisions you make when drinking that seemed like such a good idea at the time. Hmm, been there? All they need to put in the lyrics, is something about a stupid drunken text message and I think they have described every woman who has access to a mobile phone on a night out haha! Or even every man? I like the line ‘I’m gonna stay after all my friends have left’ which to me, explains the knowledge that your friends will try to prevent you from making a bad decision so best to wait till they aren’t around – oh no! Boy am I glad I am married and don’t have to go through these kind of situations again haha.

I strongly recommend you purchase this song and to keep your eyes and ears open for future music from Indigo Summer. As it stands – Indigo Summer should be releasing another song each month – so watch this space! I will be reviewing each one and providing links etc. Alternatively, follow Indigo summer on twitter @_indigosummer and get all the updates directly from them as well as any new videos they put up and feel free to have a chat with them. They are always happy to answer your questions or give you a shout out!


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