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Hunter Hayes Teams Up With Smirnoff To Play Private Concert For Lucky Country Fan

Photo courtesy of Hunter Hayes and Smirnoff

Hunter Hayes is undoubtedly one of country music’s most talented artists. He plays more than 30 instruments with proficiency and if you’ve ever seen him perform live, you know he’s a true showman. With his off-the-charts energy and enthusiasm, he creates the ultimate in live concert experiences. Every once in a while, though, it seems even Hayes likes to tone down his shows and play acoustically in more intimate settings, and now one lucky country music fan just won her very own private Hunter Hayes show here in Nashville.

I got to chat with Hayes yesterday just before that show, when he was going to play an acoustic gig for Smirnoff Summer of 2,021 Dreams winner Jennifer Mulkey. Here’s how that phone call went down.

Hunter Hayes: Hello Patti, how are you doing?

Patti McClintic: Hi Hunter, I’m really good, thanks for talking with me today.

Hunter Hayes: My pleasure, thanks for having me.

Patti McClintic: So, tell me what you’re doing with Smirnoff. Let’s go.

Hunter Hayes: Yeah, well, I heard about the Summer of 2,021 Dreams and all the prizes and I liked it. We started talking and the idea was brought up, what if one of the prizes was a private concert? What would that look like? How do we do that? The more we talked about it, the more it sounded like they were kind of creating my dream way to get back into being with fans. I love acoustic shows, and we very rarely get to do something this intimate and this special. So, I loved the idea of a super private acoustic show. Like, I’m super excited to see Jen too. She’s a fan, she’s been to multiple shows, and the fact that we get to give her a show that she’s never seen before, and it’s such a special version of us playing a show, but it’s not even a show, it’s a really special hang. I’m excited. We went from “Let’s do one song, let’s do two songs,” to “total requests,” so it’s just gonna be like hangin’ and chattin’. It’s gonna be just like the most pure form of getting to see fans again, and yeah, I’m really grateful.

Patti McClintic: That is really awesome. How did she win it? Did she just enter the Smirnoff Summer of 2,021 Dreams contest randomly?

Image courtesy of Smirnoff

Hunter Hayes: Yes. You go to 2021dreams.smirnoff.com where you can enter to win all different prizes from Smirnoff.

Patti McClintic: Okay, great. So, you’re doing the show here in Nashville, correct?

Hunter Hayes: The show’s here in Nashville, yes. So, they gave her a trip to Nashville and her own private venue for the concert.

Patti McClintic: That is excellent. That’s so much fun. You’re doing requests then, so you didn’t even really plan out what you were going to play?

Hunter Hayes: I did. Then the more we talked about it everybody was just like, “This is just gonna be a great environment and a really cool hang, you know, super relaxed and super intimate.” So, I just decided to do all requests and see how it goes, just see what they want me to play. No set list required.

Patti McClintic: That’s super fun. So, what about the Smirnoff beverages? Will they be served at this event?

Hunter Hayes: Absolutely. Yeah, the whole Red, White & Berry series, including the seltzer which is my personal beach favorite.

Patti McClintic: I was gonna ask you which is your favorite because I’ve not tried them yet, but I think I really need to. They look pretty good. They look pretty “summery.” Is the Summer of 2,021 Dreams contest still going on? Can people still enter to win things?

Hunter Hayes: Yeah. They can still enter on that website. They’re giving away 2,021 prizes. Giving out 2,021 prizes takes a long time (laughing).

Patti McClintic: Yeah, great. Give me a free beverage, I’ll take anything.

Hunter Hayes: Oh yeah, I’m all about that.

Patti McClintic: So, you’re here in Nashville today, but you’re living out in LA now, right?

Hunter Hayes: I’m splitting my time between both. There’s a great creative community in LA,, so I love working out there, but a lot of my music family’s still here in Nashville and a lot of my friends are still here in Nashville as well.

Patti McClintic: Okay, very good. Do you have any plans for the 4th of July that will include Smirnoff beverages?

Hunter Hayes: Yes, absolutely (laughs), yeah, you know, I love holiday time with friends. As I said when I announced this whole campaign, last summer kinda sucked and we didn’t get to see a lot of the people that we love, and be with the people we wanted to be with, so this year we’re just planning on a good, chill fun hang in my buddy’s backyard. Yeah, absolutely, I’m bringin’ the seltzer.

Patti McClintic: Yes, you must bring the seltzer.

Hunter Hayes: It’s the 4th of July, I’m bringing the Red, White & Berry.

Patti McClintic: Absolutely. Well, I hope you guys have a really, really good time at the show tonight, and I hope Jen has a really good time because clearly she’s earned it if she’s a big country music fan.

Hunter Hayes: Yeah, for sure. I’m lookin’ forward to it and I’m really grateful.

Patti McClintic: I won’t keep you then, have a good time, break a leg, but don’t really.

Hunter Hayes: (Laughs) Thank you Patti, I appreciate it.

Patti McClintic: Thank you, bye.

So, there you have it straight from Hunter Hayes. You can still win one of many prizes in the Smirnoff Summer of 2,021 Dreams. Just visit that link above and get yourself entered. Then get yourself to your nearest retailer that sells Smirnoff products and pick up some of their amazing summer drinks. To find out where to purchase Smirnoff Red, White & Berry and their other fine products, please click here: Where To Buy Smirnoff Products.

To keep up with all the latest on Hunter Hayes, please visit Hunter Hayes Official Website.

Photo credit: Bill McClintic/90 East Photography for Think Country

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*Featured photo courtesy of Hunter Hayes and Smirnoff


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