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Haley & Michaels share new behind the scenes video for ‘Hail Mary’

Following an exclusive premiere yesterday (22/6) with Maverick Magazine, which will also feature the duo in its new issue, Haley & Michaels have today (23/6) shared a behind-the-scenes look at the official music video for their current radio single and album title track, ‘Hail Mary‘:

In their own words: “’Hail Mary’ has taken us on such an awesome journey in so many different directions! We wanted to share everything from writing the song, to the release with Netflix and the 49ers, all the way up to our release in the UK! This song is very personally meaningful to us and we’re excited to share the full story and incredible experiences behind it!”

Additionally, following a Nashville Meets London livestream for UK & European fans last week; the duo will be hosting a Netflix Party with Amberley Snyder, whose story inspired the film ‘Walk. Ride. Rodeo.’, this Thursday (June 25th) at 7pm BST, followed by an Instagram Live Q&A. To get involved, fans should download the extension for Chrome and follow Haley & Michaels on social media (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter) to get the link on the day.


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