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Granger Smith ” Hate You Like I Love You”
Last year saw Texan artist Granger Smith release his acclaimed 10th studio album ” Country Things” via BBR Music Group /Wheelhouse.  Originally made available in two parts after its full release was delayed as a result of his well-documented family tragedy, it is now available in its entirety to stream/download here https://grangersmith.lnk.to/countrythings
The latest single from the project  ” Hate You Like I Love You” went to US country radio a month ago, a fan favourite track which organically accumulated nearly 16 million on-demand streams and is his top streamed song daily, surpassing even his smash hit ” Backroad Song”.  And although the song’s title may sound full of contradiction it actually makes perfect sense if you think about it, with it being said that the opposite of love isn’t actually hate but indifference. Love and hate are in reality close relatives with it taking the same passion and emotional effort to hate as it does to love,  and that is the basis for this stunning song written about the struggle to get over unreciprocated love…..“Let go like I hold tight / Sell myself a bad lie / Whatever I gotta do / Girl I’m just tryin’ to hate you like I love you…”
Earlier this week saw the release of the intriguing and extremely creative video to accompany the single which is full of symbolism, not surprising from an artist as multi – faceted as Granger who among other ventures has his own outdoor apparel company  Yee Yee Apparel ( he has so far donated over $250,000 to charity from its revenue), a family Youtube show “The Smiths,”  and is also a published author under his pseudonym and alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr with a No 1 book “If You’re City, If You’re Country ” . 
But I digress, back to the video directed by TK McKamy  ( Thomas Rhett, FGL and many more) and featuring Granger and his wife Amber as the lead and only characters. Starting off with a car crash, representing a heart-wrenching break up, Granger battles between saving himself and pushing away the nostalgia of his previous relationship. Fighting the reality with subtle reminders of the love lost, Granger attempts to set fire to the past but can’t seem to stop following the love he once knew. 

Talking about the creative process, Granger says “I love making music videos. I’ve been very lucky to have made a couple dozen and each have been special in their own way, but this one was very different! It was my first all night shoot, first car wreck set, first significant special effects video and first without any singing performance. I’m blown away with the amount of people and preparation that went into this crazy video! I’ve heard a few people say, ‘You’re acting is really good!’ I laugh. No, no…it was 19 degrees and that uncomfortable look was just me freezing on set!
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