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Danielle Bradbery – Introducing Nashville Tour

We caught up with the lovely Danielle Bradbery to have a quick chat and talked about her growing relationship with the UK, CMA FEST, Shallow and the upcoming Introducing Nashville Tour.

On playing in the UK

You know obviously I met you before my first time and was super excited then, and then when I actually got there, I mean y’all blew my mind, you’re all amazing and you know I just love the atmosphere and love the fans and the people and just everything y’all have so I’m a huge fan of it over there and I just wanted to keep coming back, so I’m coming back again!

On Songwriter Rounds

You know we’re coming with CMA and this version of a songwriter round in Nashville, kind of coming over to the UK and giving y’all that whole experience, of just story time and you know telling all of our stories through music or through talking and you know just having fun and you know giving y’all the best show we can and yes, it’s going to be really fun. I love this and I love that they asked me to be a part of it, and of course I’m going to come back to the UK and perform for you all again and I’m sure other artists are really as excited as well, and I’m excited to be there with them. And all around it’s just going to be a really good time and I’m really pumped about it.

You know I don’t do it all the time but I…you know when an offer comes in to do a songwriter round, in Nashville, I’m definitely taking it. I’ve done a couple you know over the past year and so yes, it’s definitely Nashville doing a round like that and you know again sharing your story and just singing these songs that you’ve written or you’ve written for other artists. And you know the songwriters too, the song writer part of it gets to shine a little bit more than the artist part of it which I think is just really cool.  I’ve taken a couple of opportunities here in Nashville and you know it’s really cool, and a lot of friends get to come and just it’s one big hang. So we’re really excited to bring that world and vibe to the UK.

On CMA Fest

I was running around town…doing a couple of shows and yes,  seeing the fans, doing a big meet and greet, and just doing the CMA thing and it will be a party here in Nashville.

I just normally get a chance to meet as many fans as I can, and it is so cool. You know who flies in, and who’s here and you know everyone is honed into Nashville during this week and I think it’s so cool with the dedication and just love that these fans have. And it’s meeting some who are from the UK or from not…I mean not here, it’s really cool to see that support to travel as far as they do and you know come and hang and just you know come and see all the craziness and try to stay cool. But I try to meet as many people as I can and say ‘Hi’ to familiar faces and just hang for as long as I can. So it’s really fun.

On Shallow

 I first heard that song actually before I saw the movie and when I first heard it, it really spoke out to me as just your authentic country song, and I loved how it was written and Lady Gaga, and Bradley just singing it, I mean unreal, it was amazing. I feel like a lot of people had a similar thought to what I had and wanted to do their take on the song and I hopped on that train and asked my good friend Parker McCollum who is an amazing country artist to sing on it with me, and it just kind of all worked out perfectly, and fell into place very naturally which I was hoping for and when I put it out a lot of the fans and everyone were amazing supporters of it and just you know showed a lot of love which meant so much to me, and Parker as well. So I was very excited to put it out and it’s fun to sing live, and have everybody sing along with me so I was really excited about it, and excited for it to be out.


On what’s next

I actually am writing a lot and just really gearing up to work on record 3 which is crazy to think about but we’re definitely brainstorming and getting all of that together as fast and as soon as we can for everyone and I’m really excited to start on the new album and just get all that fun stuff out. So yes, just working hard on the next project.



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