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Dallas Remington Releases Official Music Video For Current Single “Princess”

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Dallas Remington has announced the release of her official music video for the chart rising, fan favorite single, “Princess.” The upbeat, sassy tune will be featured on CMT and will premiere on My Jam Music and Aim Country Music. Directed, produced and edited by Ryan Nolan at the Bel Air Mansion in Nashville, the video tells the story of a girl hiding who she really is, only to return to her roots hearing the song at an elite party.

Actress Courtney Lee Pierce plays the role of the lead female, and CMA Musician of the Year Jenee Fleenor also makes cameo appearances playing the fiddle in the band scenes. Watch the video from Dallas Remington’s official YouTube Channel right here.

Video courtesy of Dallas Remington and YouTube

“I loved working with Dallas on ‘Princess!’ The song fits her personality – no-doubt country with a big dose of sass! It was fun for me to get to pull from some of my super fiddly licks to getting really rocked-out with the song. Appearing in the video was a treat for me as well! I realized Dallas and I have similar taste in style (her Double D Ranch outfit was fire!)… so we had a lot to talk about in between takes on the video shoot – music and fashion!” ~ Jenee Fleenor

“The video for ‘Princess’ came together effortlessly! We had an amazing cast, crew and venue that made the entire production a breeze. I’m so thankful to have been able to work with so many talented people on this project and to my friend, Erin, for introducing me to our awesome producer Ryan Nolan. I hope y’all have as much fun watching this video as we did creating it!” ~ Dallas Remington

“If any song could break an artist, ‘Princess’ has to be it. What a flamethrower!” ~ Patti McClintic, Think Country

“Princess” was penned by Bridgette Tatum, Nancy Deckant and Dallas Remington, with production, engineering and mixing by Eric Torres at The Couch Room Studio in Nashville. The song is available on all the usual digital streaming platforms.

Dallas continues to promote the new music and you can her performing live on the road and in Nashville.


  • July 3 – Nashville, TN – Pete & Terry’s Tavern
  • July 7 – Nashville, TN – Pete & Terry’s Tavern
  • July 21 – Nashville, TN – Pete & Terry’s Tavern
  • August 4 – Nashville, TN – Pete & Terry’s Tavern
  • August 18 – Nashville, TN – Pete & Terry’s Tavern
  • August 19 – Gatlinburg, TN – Gatlinburg Songwriter’s Festival
  • August 22 – Gatlinburg, TN – Gatlinburg Songwriter’s Festival
  • August 26 – Nashville, TN – Glen Campbell Museum
  • August 27 – Murray, KY – Ken Lake Hot August Blues Festival
  • August 28 – Eureka, MO – Freedom Jam
  • September 4 – TBA
  • September 10 – Private Fundraiser
  • September 16 – TBA
  • October 2 – TBA
  • October 9 – Shorewood, IL – Skooter’s Roadhouse
  • November 5 – Muscle Shoals, AL – Muscle Shoals Songwriter’s Festival

The inspiration for “Princess” came from the Royal Wedding in 2018 when Bridgette Tatum made the comment, “You ain’t a princess until you marry a prince,” and from there, the song was born. Everyone knows a girl who believes she’s a princess, even though she isn’t. This song is about a girl just like that, a girl who wants to be something she’s not rather than embracing the life she already has. “If there’s anything I’d want my fans to take away from it is to love who you are, where you come from, and know that no matter what, someone loves you for you,” said Dallas Remington.

“‘Princess is by far one of my favorite songs I have ever been a part of. Not only did I co-write it with two of my favorite songwriters, Bridgette Tatum and Nancy Deckant, but out of all the songs in my live set, it is the one I look forward to playing the most. There has been a lot of work and planning behind releasing this song. As a team, we waited until what we feel like is the perfect time to release this song, and three years and two recorded versions later, the time is NOW! I hope everyone loves this song as much as I do. Get your sass ready, roll your windows down and rock out!” ~ Dallas Remington

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