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Country Rocker Jason Charles Miller Releases Official Music Video for “Expiration Day”

Photo credit: Joshua Thomas

Known for his powerhouse vocals, country rocker Jason Charles Miller has released the official music video for his song, “Expiration Day,” a single off his album, From the Wreckage – Pt. 1, available right here: Jason Charles Miller – From the Wreckage – Pt. 1.

The video was produced by Miller and and directed by Andrew Fogel. It was shot at two prime mountain range locations in California. One in Crystal Lake and the other in Mt. Pinos. Set in a post-apocalyptic wilderness, the video for “Expiration Day” features Miller as a wanderer searching for treasure as he’s followed closely by ominous creatures. Fogel described the artistic vision behind the video as wanting to expand on the post-apocalyptic survivor that they portrayed in Miller’s previous video, “Get Thee Behind Me.”

Video still courtesy of Jason Charles Miller/Aristo PR

“After this past year of being on our own and living through real-life apocalyptic events, it felt like a natural choice to bring that character back and to send him on a journey. The song’s lyrics evoke some supernatural themes, so the creature came about in response to that. Throughout the pandemic, I think we’ve all had an uneasy feeling of having this unseen threat following us around, and I tried to visualize that feeling in the way the creature is lurking throughout the video.” ~ Andrew Fogel, Director

Released through Haunted Mill Music, the music video is out now on YouTube and the song is available on all streaming platforms here.

Video courtesy of Jason Charles Miller and YouTube

The music video comes after the release of Miller’s new album, From the Wreckage – Pt. 1. Produced by Jason Charles Miller, Stewart Cararas and Matt Hyde, the new project marks Miller’s fifth full-length and sixth studio release. The record features several impressive collaborations including “Cowboy” Eddie Long (Jamey Johnson) playing pedal steel and Adam Schoenfeld (Tim McGraw) playing lead guitar on “Better Late Than Never.” There’s also Katie Cole of Smashing Pumpkins on “Day After Day,” along with Eban Schletter (film composer) playing theremin. Duane Betts of the Allman Betts Band helps out on “Expiration Day.”

Always with his hands in multiple projects, Miller also appeared as an artist in the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest concert hosted in Tokyo, Japan on May 15th. He performed “To the Edge” and “Shadowbringers” virtually, alongside The Primals, the band created by the composer of several of the Final Fantasy games, Masayoshi Soken. That performance accrued 80K+ live viewers on YouTube and 40K+ on Twitch. The YouTube video hit 1M+ views in eight hours and is still climbing in viewership.

Video courtesy of FINAL FANTASY XIV

Miller continues to host two weekly shows on Twitch, “Whatever You Want Wednesdays!” and “Miller’s Music Mondays.” “Miller’s Music Mondays” is a reoccurring show from 9 PM to 10 PM CDT, and “Whatever You Want Wednesdays!” is a live show held every Wednesday from 10 PM to 12 AM CDT. Guests that have joined Miller on his “Miller’s Music Mondays” show include Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke, Hannah Aldridge, Duane Betts, Elis Hall, Hal Sparks and more. Every show features great content including new guests, music industry discussion and musical performances. You can view past performances and stay tuned to upcoming shows through Miller’s Twitch channel here.

To keep up with all things Jason Charles Miller, please visit his website at jasoncharlesmiller.com.

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Photo credit: Joshua Thomas

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*Featured photo credit: Joshua Thomas


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