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Corteo. A Cirque du Soleil Show.

By:  Mary Beth Ippich

I went into this show not knowing what it was about. I wanted to look on it with unbiased eyes. The performance was completely unexpected. An adventure into this man’s life the loves lost, the friendships, the challenges he faced. Those challenges some won with respect, others won with laughter. A total celebration. The journey onstage was mesmerizing. The acrobatics were perfection, highlighting strength, flexibility, and coordination. Each performer told their tale in utter perfection, as you would expect with a Cirque show. What I didn’t expect was my reactions at times; holding my breath, gripping my heart at the sheer insane abilities, laughing, and even more laughing.

Photos courtesy of Mary Beth Ippich

There were dancers suspended off chandeliers, acrobats soaring through the sky, disappearing people, giant balloons floating characters into the audience, jugglers, feats of strength, ring dancers, and somewhere in the middle of the entertainment were 6 pair of shoes that ran across the stage by themselves! This show; for me, was more than a celebration of one man’s life. It made me reflect on my own. How we need to make the most of the time we have. You only get one life to live; your journey is yours to create. Love, play, and laugh.

Photos courtesy of Mary Beth Ippich


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