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“Come Find Me” – New Single from Eric Van Houten

Photo courtesy of Eric Van Houten

He’s back!  Eric Van Houten, that is.  He was never really gone anyway.  He was busy!  In “creation mode”.  His new single, “Come Find Me”, is the perfect elixir for those that are ready to turn back the calendar and go back to summer or just hop a plane to Jamaica.

After spending a week on the exquisite, white, sandy beaches of Destin, Florida, Van Houten returned to Nashville to a co-write with Brandon Ray and Emily Landis.  As we all know, it’s difficult to just “leave the beach”, so it’s apparent who may have come up with a song idea at that day’s write.  “Come Find Me” was born that day and guess what?  It has a beach theme.

The general vibe of the song is exactly what you’d expect from something that rolled in with the tide.  Cool, laid back, nothing too deep, but this is no beach party drinking song.  It’s not a Beach Boys-like surfing song and it certainly isn’t a “revenge song” (think Dierks Bentley’s “Somewhere on a Beach”).  This, my friends, is a love song.  Sort of.

Here, we have a very patient leading man who lived in some island-type paradise with his leading lady and they had it all.  Palm trees, gentle surf, warm, soft sand, probably even lots of umbrella drinks.  It was a wonderful life.  Then she got a wild hair in her and she left.  She took off for the big city to pursue whatever it was she had to pursue and he continued to sip margaritas, watching sunset after sunset, strumming his guitar until he came up with this song to tell her just how he felt:

“Come find me if you get a little lost out there

You’re missing that sand in your hair, forgetting who you are and need reminding

Come find me when you realize what you’ve done

 and lost the only thing you love and those city lights go out, you know where I’ll be

Come find me…”

Again, this is one very easy-going guy, our leading man.  He’s willing to wait for the woman he loves while she tries to find herself out there.  I don’t know how often this situation happens in the real world, but I’m sure it does happen, and somehow, someone is going to be able to apply this song to their life, as most country songs do.

Van Houten has a tremendous voice.  He has a great range and I can’t wait to see him sing this number in person, as I’m sure he can powerhouse some of the tougher notes on the live stage.  What I love about this song most of all is the structure.  It’s a “slow build” song, as so many are, but for a love song, it hits fairly hard at the bridge and then it just about falls off totally.  Like it drops off a cliff, which adds to the visualization of the “beachy” theme for me.  It’s very well done.

Make no mistake, I’ve been a fan of Eric Van Houten for a long time now.  We’re both Buffalo, New York natives who now call Nashville home.  We’re friends.  Do not, however, think for a minute that Van Houten “called in a favor” and asked me to write a glowing review.  I can tell you that didn’t happen because he’s a guy with so much integrity, if he ever did that, nobody would be more shocked than me, and if he did, I would hang up the phone.  This is a good song.  It’s well-written and I truly like it.

If this is a preview of what else is on the way as far as new music from Van Houten, I’m excited.  I feel like his sound is evolving, which is what happens with artists as they grow and have more life and work experiences.  He’s young and has so much time to continue to progress.  Jump on his bandwagon now.  It’s way better to have a front seat.

Eric Van Houten can be found:

Website: https://www.ericvanhoutenmusic.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ericvanhoutenmusic/

Instagram:  @ericvanhouten

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ericvanhouten?lang=en





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