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CMAFest 2019- A First Year Attendee!!

Let me say this, when I found out that I would be attending CMAFest2019 as a contributor for Think Country, I was so excited, I could not contain my composure. I walked around smiling, telling everyone at home before the trip. It has been one of my dreams to attend this festival. It is far from home, and I needed a push… this was it, the dream came true!!!! Let’s just say, planning took weeks, scheduling interviews, figuring out where to go, times,  air travel, what was I going to wear to my Interviews? Everything needed to be planned out…Fast forward to that day, June 5th! Early morning plane flight!

*The famous BNA Airport Carpet,  Photo:Robinbeersphotography

Touchdown on that #BNA Carpet and off I went, exhilarated, full of energy, lugging along my camera equipment and a very overpacked suitcase!

*The Beautiful Nashville skyline, Photo:robinbeersphotography

During the duration of the 5 days I was there, my Stats were, 10 Interviews, 8 Reviews, running around to many different locations to get this accomplished, 12 Uber rides, and a grand total of 32,379 steps! ( I’m sure there were more).

*Crowds at CMAFest 2019,  Photo: Robinbeersphotography

Oh, it was an incredible time!!! All the while taking in every detail, to bring the experience back to you, the fans and readers. Some of the interviews are quite interesting, I’ll post them individually, but the most memorable was running to catch an interview with David Ball, you might remember his big hit, I’ve got a Drinking Problem. We had to find a quiet place, and he had minutes before hitting the stage at “The Valentine Nashville” located on Broadway. So, where did we conduct the interview? In a closet!! One must do what they can to get the job done!! Well, I did, and stayed to listen to him and to get some photos!!

*David Ball and Friends, Photo:robinbeersphoto graphy

*David Ball performing at The ValentineNashville,  Photos:Robinbeersphotography

I’ll just mention a few of the interviews:

Dani-elle Kleha

Jimmy Bowen

David Ball

Walker Montgomery

The Swon Brothers

Jeannie Seely

James Wesley


Soldiers Child Foundation

Some were from the Grand Old Opry, and when I post that story, I will tell you it was amazing!!!

More stories to tell, more Pictures to bring to you, and if you haven’t done this in Nashville, try it!

*Horse and carriage ride Nashville, Photo:robinbeersphotography



Annette Gibbons
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