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CMA Fest 2019- David Ball and a Chat in a Closet….

I am still reporting back to you, the Think Country Music fans, more stories and adventures from our experiences at CMAFest 2019! There are so many highlights of a fantastic journey from that trip, that it will be one for the record books! Monsoon rain, record heat, and some quite interesting conversations with the musicians that bring their stories to life.

One in particular, that the parties involved will never forget is this one. I was assigned to interview David Ball at “The Valentine Nashville”, and since it was my first time attending the festival, I had to feel my way around and get to where I needed to be at the right time. A little mix up pursued, but I finally introduced myself to David Ball, and wala!! Interview was set! Only thing was it was so noisy we had to find a quiet place, for a few minutes before Mr. Ball took the stage. Just a refresher, You remember his hit from 1994, “Thinking Problem?” Well, he is back with a new album, and songs for all to listen to getting back to root of country music.

Back to the quiet place to talk, we could not go to far, since Mr. Ball was to hit the stage, so the closest place we could find, ( I’m sure you have guessed it by now from the title), a closet, located off the kitchen!!! The PR people were looking at us strange, (Just Kidding) they were ok with it, but there was no room for one other person! So actually, we had a quick chat and then off he went to the stage for his set.

Some of the things we did get to speak about were his new CD.  He loves the songs that are so easy and fun to write, and getting back to his original sound. Born in South Carolina, moved to Austin, and as I was asking another question, his drummer, Scott, needed him to get on stage; while another band was loading in; through the closet; from the kitchen,  and not sure how that all worked out, but obviously, there was no more room for me to hang around there!

*photos: Robinbeersphotography

The facts are that David Ball wrote a new album titled,  Come See Me, where he was getting back to his roots,  bringing out the sounds of the old time songs, he even recorded the album at his home in Nashville. He noted that it was quiet and peaceful there and he could concentrate on the old time arrangements. You will not find any “Country Pop” sounds on this CD,  and that’s just the way David Ball wants it. A simple down home sound… I think David Ball thoroughly enjoyed the making of this CD, and I think he enjoyed our mini interview as well. I know it’s something that I will never forget, standing in a closet, talking to a Country Music Legend about old time music, during CMAFest2019!





You can order his new CD through his Website!!

Annette Gibbons
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