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Chris Young Delivers With Emotionally Charged Music Video

Early this morning while most of us were sleeping country heartthrob Chris Young released the music video for his current single “Sober Saturday Night” feat. Vince Gill. I woke up to notifications all over my Facebook feed of people sharing the emotionally charged video.

Unlike most of Young’s videos where he himself plays the lead, the artist took a different route, making the production more of a story. A trend that covers all genres, I believe these type of music videos relate to more people where they can place themselves in that particular situation while the artist sings, or narrates, in the background.

Just like a movie trailer, it starts out with his name, flashes into the couple dancing into the club, and then title screen rolls. Its right here you know you’re in for a good 3 1/2 minutes of talent.

I feel terrible, sunlight’s hurting my eyes. 
So I pull the shades and I make my place as black as night 
I feel miserable, and I’m missing you and me. 
Another Sunday morning all alone underneath these sheets. 

We find ourselves in the house with a man in anguish, whose mind keeps throwing him back and forth between the love he had, all the good times and the night it all went wrong. The pain is all over his face and a number of people can put themselves right in that moment. Whether it be in the exact position of someone who’s lost control and lost it all or in a moment where they’re about to lose everything they love because the bottle has got too tight of a grip on them.

No, I’m not hungover it’s true, but I’m still not over you. 
All messed up. All strung out. I was sitting at home breaking down.
Not out there getting high underneath some neon lights. 
Ain’t no whiskey strong enough to make things right.
I’m just getting over another sober Saturday night.

When he walks over to the calendar to put another mark on another day you can’t help but feel the emotion running through his mind. At this point in the story you’re only assuming that he’s counting the days since the love of his life walked out of his life.

Besides the pain. I don’t feel a thing.
When my buddies call me up I just let it ring. 

As the second chorus plays, the story continues, the man jumping in his car while the flashbacks of that fateful night keep flashing in his mind. Everyone drinking, another man proceeding to step in and dance with her, harmless fun that can go sour very quickly. As the drive continues the memories of how that night continued play on. When he finally reaches the church my immediate thought was he was going there to try and win her back, but as the story unfolds you find out there’s a very different reason to why he’s there.

Flashes between the fight, and the church letting out you’re holding out for him to see her again, on better terms.

No, I’m not out there getting high underneath some neon lights. 
Ain’t no whiskey strong enough to make things right.
I’m just getting over another sober Saturday night.

The alcohol and the anger, the worst kind of fuel and when you see her step into that car you know the ending isn’t going to be what you expected and then it happens. This music video leaves you feeling the gut wrenching loss that night.

Not only did Young deliver like he does time and time again with his vocals, the actors portraying this story helped deliver, I would say, one of Young’s best music videos to date. Congrats to Young, the actors and the production for a masterfully done visual that will resonate with fans both in and out of the genre.

Check out the video below to see for yourself:


Annette Gibbons
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