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Bailey James and Mia Morris – Bitter
Today, country-rock songstress Bailey James put out the video for her latest single “Bitter.” It premiered with Ghost Cult Magazine yesterday. You can find the corresponding song on all digital download and streaming platforms!

The music video opens with Bailey and her collaborator Mia Morris having a casual conversation about who they’ve been dating. When Mia recognizes Bailey’s date as the guy she’s been seeing, it becomes apparent that the two have been double-crossed. With the basis for the pair’s shared feelings of animosity established, the track begins to play and the girls hop in Bailey’s green F150 pickup seeking revenge.

Footage of stone-faced Bailey and Mia is intercut with outdoor scenes of the two vogueing with shovels in hand. As the end of the first chorus approaches, we see just what these shovels are for; the duo are seen backing towards the bed of Bailey’s truck with what appears to be a body bag. To make their act of vengeance even plainer, the video cuts to footage of Bailey ripping up a picture of their traitorous ex over the open bag. The two flip the bird to the camera, which then pans to reveal a license plate bearing the title of the song. 

Ending with a promise of “To Be Continued,” viewers are left on the edge of their seats wondering what will become of the scorned lovers now that they’ve committed this crime of passion. With these two badass ladies on the music scene, fans can rest assured that “a change is coming” indeed!

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