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Andrew Combs

Andrew Combs


Andrew Combs is currently on a UK tour and took some time out to talk to me about touring and his music…

ByCaroline Gulla

CG: How was the reaction at your recent gig in London supporting Margo Price?

AC: I had a good time. She was sounding great, as per usual.

CG: I’m afraid that a year ago I was ignorant enough of the Americana genre to have not heard of you.  The announcement that you were playing C2C 2016 changed all that for me.  So firstly, thank you for expanding my experience of country music! How would you describe your music to a new listener?

AC: Oh I try and avoid answering this question, but if I have to, I’d call it country soul.

CG: It also opened up a whole new audience in the UK for you and your C2C debut was so impressive.  How did it feel opening the show on the Sunday night as a relatively unknown artist over here?

AC: Wild and weird, in a good way. It was the kind of gig that may never happen again for an artist like me, so I tried to enjoy myself. Ended up having a great time performing in front of that many people.

CG: I think the O2 holds about 20,000 at full capacity. Do you prefer a bigger venue or a smaller, more intimate one?

AC: Smaller and more intimate.

CG: How do you find UK audiences compared to playing at home?

AC: More respectful. And I appreciate that.

CG: I’ve read American reviews which call you the ‘thinking man’s country star’ down to your great observational lyrics and beautiful melodies. How important to you is the songwriting vs a great melody?

AC: Assuming you are asking about lyrics vs music? I think they are equally important. A few years ago if you had asked me the same question, I most likely would have said lyrics are more important, but I’ve really fell in love with the music/melody side of things more recently.

CG: Did you always envisage leaving your hometown of Dallas and moving to Nashville?

AC: Yes.

CG: All These Dreams was released in 2015. Are you working on new material and when can we expect new music from you?

AC: Yes, in fact I just finished recording a new record. It should be out early next year.

CG: Where do you draw the inspiration for your song writing?

AC: Poetry, people, dogs, films… everywhere I guess.

CG: The song writing talent in Nashville is truly magnificent. Who out of the current songwriters in Nashville would you most like to co-write with, if any?

AC: Honestly I have been writing by myself mostly these days, so that’s hard to answer. If I am co-writing, I prefer it to be with my good friends.

CG: Do you agree with Sturgill’s recent comments about Music Row’s decision makers?  Is it still a struggle to go against the tide in modern day Nashville – has anything really changed?

AC: I haven’t really paid attention to that whole debacle. The music business in any town can get slimy. I just try and ignore that side of it and keep my head down and stay focused.

CG: How familiar are you with the growing UK country music scene?  One of the Think Country Team, Lesley, would like me to ask you if there are UK artists that you like especially or admire?

AC: I’m not too hip on the new stuff. I do like the London based band, Treetop Flyers. They’re buds of mine.

CG: What is the one song you wished you had written?

AC: ‘A Case Of You’ – Joni Mitchell

CG: Being from Dallas, you must have watched the TV series at some point.  What’s your favourite character and why?

AC: Haha! Honestly, I’ve never seen it.

You can catch Andrew on tour in the UK. Full tour dates can be found at:




Annette Gibbons
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