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Allie Colleen Gets Personal Reflecting on Life’s Journey with Release of Two Singles Simultaneously, “Best Friend” and “A Road You Take”

Allie Colleen, has announced an original concept project consisting of two singles simultaneously released which shares a personal experience of her journey to nurture and mature through a relationship with a longtime friend. “Best Friend” was co-written by Allie Colleen along with Dallas Remington, Scott Barrier and Cyndi Limbaugh Torres while “Road You Take” was co-written with Melissa Bollea. Production of the impassioned song project was brought to life by Joe Costa at Costa Gold Studio. As a flourishing artist and songwriter, Allie is aiming to present a range of songs to share what she is capable of as an individual and offer listeners content that fits multiple genres. The concept to share the two songs together came from vinyl 45’s having a side A song to reveal the tender lyrics that expose a broken heart and side B to share the journey of healing to the listeners.

Album Artwork: Becky Reiser – Storybridge Media

Both “Best Friend” and “Road You Take” are available today for streaming and download on all digital music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon Music and more here.

“What started as a song about the worst heartbreak I have ever experienced, bloomed into this amazing journey of hard questions and healing. These two songs have brought me clarity and reassurance in the love I deserve as a woman, and a friend,” shares Allie Colleen. “I have chosen to release this project so that other women and men can find healing during one of the greatest heartbreaks: losing a friend – a best friend. I’ll claim it boldly and confidently “Best Friend” is the love song country music has always needed and “Road You Take” is the sugar on top.”

“Allie and I connected effortlessly when we sat down to write “Road You Take.” She was beautifully vulnerable so it was easy to step into that place with her, shed some tears and tell a true story,” states Rhyme Partners – Melissa Bollea.

Side A – “Best Friend” – “We sat down to write best friend in August of 2018. This was maybe a year or so after my relationship with my best friend had ended.  I was still so frustrated and honestly I could not have written this song by myself,” expressed Allie Colleen. “My co writers were willing to listen to my story and to help me shape this song of frustration facing heartache that only comes from losing someone so close. That was 2018 and I’m still working through the frustration and the heartache of not having her to talk to.”

Side B – “Road You Take” – Allie Colleen continues, “Now, in 2020, I was placed in a position to see her again and that is where “Road You Take” comes in. The song is all about forgiveness and learning that forgiveness really is for the soul. Something that took me a long time to understand was that I was going to still be hurting as long as I had anything but love for that relationship and what it was when it was good. “Road You Take” is the journey I have been on and battled with since 2018, a road I am VERY glad to be on.”

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Allie Colleen music is available on all digital platforms Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora and Amazon Music


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