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2 Steel Girls


Just got our hurr did! ;).


After the “real” interview, we had a little bit of fun!


Last impulse purchase?

Krystal: “M&M Blast from Sonic. With extra M&M’s.”

Allison: “Crazy pair of boots that go over the thigh.”

Artist you would love to meet?

Krystal: “Beyonce”

Allison: “Steven Tyler”

Favorite Hair Product?

Krystal: “Shampoo! Seriously shampoo because by the end of the day it looks like I dipped my head in Crisco, so I love shampoo!”

Allison: “Cheap hair dye! I spend eight dollars on two boxes. The girl in the store told me she’s going to school for hair and she would do it for me, but I told her I do my own because I’m cheap!”

Something different between Ohio and Nashville? (Ohio is their home state and Nashville is where they live now)

Krystal: “I won’t say people are nicer here, but in Ohio, there’s no BS. They tell you like it is.”

Allison: “There are more country fakers here.  In Ohio, if you’re country, you’re COUNTRY.”


Krystal: “Holes! You know, like sinkholes, I’m getting freaked out just thinking about them.” (Allison added that Krystal is also afraid of heights)

Allison: “Getting old!”

Dream venue to play?

Krystal: “Half time at the Super Bowl”

Allison: “Nissan Stadium for CMA Fest 2018!”

Strangest item in your car right now?

Krystal: “An extra toothbrush. I don’t have any toothpaste in there though.”

Allison: “Nothing strange right now.”

Krystal, a song title that describes Allison?  Allison, a song title that describes Krystal?

Krystal: “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley

Allison: “Dream On” by Aerosmith

Fill in the blanks.  If I could snap my fingers and replace one thing in my house right now, it would be _______ because _______.

Krystal: (There was a funny story attached to this, but I’ll make it brief) “Hardwood floor because the dog peed on it and it left a spot.”

Allison: My whole house because what used to be the country is now filled up with houses and isn’t really the country anymore.”

Grand Ole Opry at the Grand Ole Opry House or at The Ryman?

Krystal: “I’m saying the Opry because I’ve never been to The Ryman. I know, terrible for a country artist to say that. I did go to the Grand Ole Opry to see Blake Shelton.” (Blake was their mentor on “The Voice”)

Allison: “At the Opry.”





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