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Tortuga Music Festival- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida- Day #2

So Hopefully you have already read Day#1 and the layout of the festival. Day #2 was very interesting. Their were musicians performing at the same time on the 3 stages, and it was almost impossible to get to see them all. So the plan for the day was to stay at the main stage. We could get right in and out and not miss anything there, get set up and be ready!! And boy, did we make the right decision!!!

First act up of the day was Lindsay Ell! This gal was terrific! Not one bad shot, and she knows how to work that stage and the catwalk. We had a glorious, not a cloud the sky kind of day, (One all photographers hope for) and wow Lindsay delivered!!! Oh and her guitar!! It’s like she color coordinated her outfit to highlight that beauty just right!!! Lindsay, the ever professional musician, jammed out, singing to what seemed liked every person out there in the sunny Florida Heat…. No one cared, because she is that GREAT!! Oh and did I mention, her Hair!! Perfect Country rock star hair!!!! Lindsay Ells was on point, perfect pitch, and came to make the crowd roar!!! Mission Accomplished!!


Next up and just in time was Raelynn! She was simply adorable with her Camo  fringed shorts, and thigh high boots! Although again, pretty hot weather outside but she kept her cool the entire time!! Another professional working the catwalk and entertaining the crowd. She was absolutely impressive with her professionalism.

The last act we photographed that day was…Midland!! There were spectacular!! Right from the first song, they were appealing to the crowd! They took plenty advantage of the catwalk, started right off playing the crowd favorites, and even in the sweltering heat, they looked cool, calm, confident and held true to their style of dress. They were ready for the Florida way of being the “Kool” kats.. Day #3 of Toruga on the way!!


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