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Taylon Hope Announces Self Titled Album, “Taylon Hope”

Taylon Hope has released her new ten track album. It is a Self Titled album, Taylon Hope, Because she felt it was a reflection of herself. She co wrote the project is a full length album with ten new songs co-written by Taylon Hope and Mo Pitney, Bridgette Tatum, Bill Diluigi, Devon O’ Day, Keith Burns, Melissa Rowe, and Corey Barker. Taylon grew up in the Hills of The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina and this album is a reflection of her lifestyle from there.

Taylon is quoted as saying about her latest work, ” I am just so very excited to get my third album out! It’s been a year project working with my amazing friend and producer Kent Wells and co-writing songs with some of the most amazing songwriters! I self titled this album, as its just so much about who I am. The songs we wrote together tell stories that relate to my life and about those who have been great influences in my life,” reflects Taylon Hope. “I am thrilled to have my first release in my home state of North Carolina! My hometown has always been such an amazing support to me! Also, sharing this first release performing with one of my favorite artists, co-writers, and friend Mo Pitney just makes it even more special! I am beyond grateful to all of those who have supported my music and continue to reach out to me about my music! I so hope you enjoy this new album! It truly was an amazing journey creating this one!”

Well, I listened to all the tracks on the album, and I have to say that I felt like I was right there, in Taylon’s hometown. Her expressive singing, just made me feel warm, and inviting. I could feel from the lyrics that living in a small town, can make you feel grounded. When you feel stressed from living in a new city, with a new job, new surroundings, you can always go back home and feel grounded. Wrapped in warmth of friends and family. It is an easy and comfortable experience. Yes, most definitely felt that way especially when listening to Small Small Town, co written with Mo Pitney. Tayon’s angelic voice tells the story of the small town environment, the special places she visits when back home to feel grounded, ready to go back to the big city and tackle her goals and dreams. I also felt a country vibe with a splash of pop form her #1 track, Country In Me, co written with Bridgette Tatum, which is a great lead in to set the pace for the album. Blue Jeans and Fireflies, co written with Keith Burns had that awesome, laid back mindset, and if you are stressed, listen to this #2 track. It will make you breathe a sigh of relief, so relaxing and fun at the same time.

Taylon Album Song List:

  1. Country In Me- Bridgette Tatum and Taylon Hope
  2. Blue Jeans and Fireflies – Keith Burns and Taylon Hope
  3. What Lifts Me – Bill Diluigi and Taylon Hope
  4. Small Small Town – Mo Pitney and Taylon Hope
  5. Mirror – Melissa Bolles Rowe and Taylon Hope
  6. Carolina Blue – Keith Burns and Taylon Hope
  7. Could’ve Been and Country Song – Bill Diluigi and Taylon Hope
  8. Brave Enough – Bill Diluigi and Taylon Hop
  9. Try ‘Em On – Corey Lee Barker and Taylon Hope
  10. Women of Country – Devon O’Day and Taylon Hope


Taylon Hope Tour Dates Include:

July 22 – Nashville, TN – Belcourt Taps

July 26 – West Jefferson, NC – Blue Ridge Theatre and Event Center

July 30 – The Nashville Palace – Jammin’ In Jammies

Aug 5 – Franklin, TN – Williamson County Fair

Aug 6 – Nashville, TN – Listening Room Cafe

Aug 17 – Bowling Green, KY – Southern Legends

Sept 21- Pigeon Forge, TN – The Josie Show Music Awards

Sept 29 – West Jefferson, NC – Imagine Ashe Celebration

Oct. 26- Franklin, Tn- Pumpkinfest







Amazon Music:https://music.amazon.com/search/taylon+hope

Google Play:https://play.google.com/store/search?q=taylon+hope&c=music&hl=en_US





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