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Jess and The Bandits

Jess and the Bandit’s – Here We Go Again (Album)

By Claire-Louise

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1 “Ready Set”

“Ready set rock, ready set roll”

The uptempo ‘Ready Set’ is the albums opening track and personally I feel this is a song that could’ve easily been the lead single from the project. I have visions of being at beach party here, as it’s a very fun, laid back song encouraging the listener to let their hair down and have fun with friends.

Catchy tune and definitely one for your Summer playlist.

2 “Love Like That”

“You better think twice before you say goodbye”

This was the second singe to be lifted from the ‘What If’ EP. Jess is giving advice here, perhaps to a friend – the song describes the perfect guy who is there for you, and loves you with all of his heart yet the signifiant other seems to want more. She pleads to “give him a little more than you take before you break and tear it all apart”.

I love the electric guitar and the percussion in the intro. If I wasn’t already a fan of Jess And The Bandits I would be by the end of this song.

3 You Cant Stop Me

You cant stop me from loving you

This was the albums second single, it’s a pop/country track with a very strong lyrical message of not giving up. Jess won’t give up on her significant other, and they can’t stop her from loving them.

4 “Wanted Man”

“You can run but you can’t hide from the truth”

Time for show some persistence with ‘Wanted Man’ This up-tempo number sees Jess willing to hang her heart on his bedroom post, shoot out the stars and the rhinestone skies, and even ride through the dessert sand – it seems she’ll do just about anything – quite possibly to get revenge on guy but it’s almost like she’s saying it in a sarcastic way.

Apparently this guy doesn’t want to end up like Jessie James, six feet under and dying in vain… It’s a creepy “don’t mess with me” type of song.

5 Nitty Gritty

It aint complicated were all the same

I’ve been waiting for a song to hit back at societies perspective of perfection. Nitty Gritty is an anthem for people who think they’re not good enough because of their weight, size or ethnicity. Jess assures us that it’s ok to be whatever you want to be and when it comes down to it we’re all the same.

If you’re in need of track that screams empowerment this one’s for you.

6 “If You Can’t Be Mine”

“I just can’t be strong enough to watch you disappear”

I feel with this track that it’s “Here We Go Again” but written from a slightly different viewpoint. As previously mentioned it talks about giving in to someone and letting your heart rule your head.

On the other hand this one still see’s Jess hurt and aching for her ex’s touch but instead of showing weakness it shows strength in that she’s standing up for herself and not letting him be hers.

7 “What If”

“I don’t wanna talk about the distance or how the timing’s never right”

It all slows down with the next track, she wears her heart on her sleeve here expressing that she has feelings for someone and that’s there’s got to be a way of telling them because she’s had them for too long.

From the fear of not being about to open up in the first place to being rejected if she does, Jess shows her vulnerable side in this ballad of possibilities. A song I relate to as I’m sure many of you do too. Definitely one of my top picks off the record.

8 “My Name Is Trouble”

“This country girl can rock your world’

This is the debut single under the Jess & The Bandit’s brand and if you hadn’t heard of Jess as a solo artist then this song is the perfect introduction.

Once more the confidence shines through but more in a tongue and cheek way with this one. The intro reminds me somewhat of Miranda Lambert’s duet with Carrie Underwood, ‘Somethin’ Bad’ It’s upbeat, fun and almost, flirty – Watch out boys this country girl ain’t gunna be messed with, Uh-oh indeed.

Definitely a track for your Summer playlist.

9 “Drunk On Me”

“You wanna get a little crazy, well maybe baby I’m what you need”

I love how in most country tracks out there alcohol tends to the substance of choice to help someone drown their sorrows or mend their broken heart, however with this track it’s used in completely the opposite way. Yes there’s mentions of fireball and bourbon (types of whiskey) but she seems to think that won’t be enough, she wants him to get drunk – on her.

Will satisfaction be guaranteed? Jess seems to think it will.

10 Getting Into Something

A sweet little melody, baby come on, sing it to me

Here’s a feel good track about hitting a bar with your girlfriends, it turns into an upbeat country love song half way though though after Jess meets a guy. It’s a catchy track with a nice “woah woah” at the beginning of the chorus that I’ll be singing over and over.

11 “Here We Go Again”

“It’s like my heart don’t have a choice”

Time for another ballad with the album’s title track, ‘Here We Go Again’. It’s a hookup song, but a heartbreaking one.

Jess tells us a story, from seeing her ex’s face light up her phone, and letting her heart rule her head by letting him come over, to waking up the next morning knowing neither of them will change. It’s a song of weakness, for each other.

They swear it’s the last time but deep down they know it’s a war neither of them are going to win.

12 “Single Tonight”

“Got the devil in your eyes like original sin”

Describing a guy in a cowboy hat and worn down boots in a smokey bar, the slightly more up tempo ‘Single Tonight’ is another track on the EP and was released as its first single.

It clearly shows a confident side to Jess – And with a catchy melody and cheeky lyrics this one’s a hookup song, well, it certainly seems that way until towards the end where she decides to stand her ground by telling the guy in question that wherever he’s going from here, he’s going alone!

Very classy – That’s definitely put him in his place.

13 “Wichita Lineman

And I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time

We come to the last track on the album now with ‘Wichita Line Man’ – a cover of a song originally sung by Glen Campbell. It’s said to a song about the loneliness that a telephone or electric power line man feels whilst working and longing for someone.

The vocals are sublime, and Jess And The Bandits really make this their own, perfect end to the album.













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