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The Brothers Osborne – Pawn Shop – Album Review


The Brothers Osborne, made up of John and T.J. received international acclaim 5 weeks before their first album hit stores and and just months after releasing their debut single from said album on EMI when it was announced that they were nominated for a Grammy award.

With such a prestigious award now in association with the duo, naturally, I was extremely excited to hear what the album would bring.

Fridge is leakin’ and the faucet’s drippin’ – the opening line to the Pawn Shop album. What better way to have kicked off than with a track like ‘Dirt Rich’.

From the get go there is no doubt what sort of music these guys play. The down home traditional country sound that is missing from many of today’s chart hits is plentiful in this album. Drums also play a big part in the album, used as the driving force in many of the tracks, giving you just one more reason to keep your feet tapping.

Having grown up together, as with many family bands, their vocals seamlessly integrate with each other and creating something really quite special. These boys are here to stay and with a record like this they have more than justified their Grammy nomination.

Dirty muddy guitar and vocals are also a trend on Pawn Shop. This combined with their choice of melodies is just a breath of fresh air to listen to and has me drawing comparisons to old Sun Studio recordings.

The duo also teamed up with producer Jay Joyce when they put this album together, you may know the name as Joyce has been responsible for every album from Eric Church and most recently Storyteller by Carrie Underwood. The expertise production on this album is just one more thing that lifts this from being another country album to one that should, in my opinion, be remembered for years to come.

Some of my favourite tracks off he album are: Dirt Rich, 21 Summer, Stay A Little Longer, Pawn Shop, Rum…. Oh who am I kidding?! The whole album is awesome.

The only thing left for you to do now is go and listen to it!


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