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Farewell Angelina “Women and Wine”

“We are so thrilled to share this new project that represents each of our four personalities and sounds. This band is an ever-evolving, songwriting sisterhood that exudes our passion for entertaining and celebrating each phase in life through music (and wine).” – Farewell Angelina

I think you all know by now, how I enjoy listening to a great country girl band! There are some amazing female country artists out there, and these 4 do not disappoint!  The album, “Women and Wine” is the second, from Farewell Angelina, and certainly reflects the quote from the band mentioned above.

The name of the band, comes from a Bob Dylan song Titled, “Farewell Angelina”. (just for some history about the song, it has been covered many times including, Joan Baez. It was originally released on Bob Dylan’s album,”Bringing It All Back Home, released in 1965). The 4 powerful vocals are mixed with the extreme talent of each woman, Ashley Gearing, Lisa Torres, Nicole Witt, and Andrea Young. All the gals, who are multi-instrumental, combine to make this a great musical experience. The EP debuted on the itunes top 30 Country Albums.

The title track on the EP, “Women & Wine”, is a strong, yet, feel-good song that every woman out there can personally relate to, “ So pour it out, drink it up, in Waterford or a Dixie cup”. Yes, we have all been there, done that kind of feeling. Love that lyric!!   

The next track I really enjoyed is “Ghosts” It is a ballad, but also a homage to all those trying to make it in a career that is so difficult, yet so rewarding. “calling all those angels too close to the ground”, ~~“ Even the ghosts are singing tonight”. Love, love these lyrics~~ Its about life choices and being alone, thinking about life, specifically a singer questioning career decisions and choices. It is such a relatable topic for anyone trying to move on with something they enjoy participating in.  And oh those harmonies are unbelievably exquisite, with all of the girls voices, I would say stupendous!! At the end of the song, they sing a capella, how capturing!! Listen for yourself and see if you feel the same as I do, you will, I’m sure of it!!

The next exceptional songon the EP,  in fact, it is the bonus track, titled, “I Feel You”, was written by Kevin Bacon, of the famous Bacon Brothers Band, they have played this with the band onstage, and that is an amazing experience! The harmonies of the group shine on this one, it is a ballad as well, “I feel you in everything I do”…They sing about relationships and saying goodbye to a love leaving to go on the road…

Check out the other songs from the as well, “Vintage” “More Problems” and Forever Be My Always”,they will touch your heart, and you will sing with them!

I enjoyed listening to these gals, and their 4 part Harmonies are a musical experience that you will not forget!!

Keep up with Farewell Angeline at farewellangelinemusic.com and on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



Robin Beers
Hi, Im Robin. I have been a music groupie/follower, since the '70s (showing my age). Gr0wing up in Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y. there was not a lot of Country music playing on the airways. I always found a way to seek out the country side of my youth, Marshall Tucker Band, Poco, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, and my absolute all time favorite, Dwight Yoakam. The list goes on. (of course my disco friends, never knew this,) Moving to Florida in the early 1980's was awesome! There was more than one Country radio station on FM!! I discovered the greats like Tanya Tucker, Sammy Kershaw, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt, Randy Travis. Line dancing every weekend, I was in heaven!! There is so much great talent out there now, its exciting and they are extremely innovative with their craft. I look forward to each time a new song and album are released. My son is a bass player and has moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of being a touring musician, and he is on the road right now. I guess you can say it runs in the family. :) So now I get the chance to visit the home of country music, Nashville!!! I love reaching out to the up and comers here in FLorida, there is so much amazing talent. This is not just a job, but a passion!!! Robin
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