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Canaan Cox – When It Comes to You – Single Release – Listen to this One..

The newest single from this impressive Singer/Songwriter, ”When It Comes To You”, Canaan Cox was released in early March of this year, and it is another hit for this fast paced North Carolina Native. Canaan has been in Nashville for a short 2 years. He doesn’t believe in the “It’s a 10 year town” philosophy, He wants it now , and is doing exactly that, and It’s happening with  fast and furious speed. Canaan set out to prove to all the naysayers that they are wrong, and he is absolutely accomplishing his goals. He has the “rules are meant to be broken” attitude, and his songs are rising up the charts, pushing them out with what seems like lightning speed, as quickly as they are written! While looking at Canaan’s website and his Summer tour schedule, he is just not letting up, making the rounds, covering the United States, and heading on over to the United Kingdom and back again. This is all within a few short months!! I am amazed and in awe!!

The song is what this review is really all about, but I was so impressed with Canaan’s dedication to his career, and his work ethic. He also applies to his work out program, and his dedication shows!!

Canaan’s new single, “When It Comes to You” tells the story of a couple no longer together, but then, that certain phone call happens, from his former love, and the stressful decision on whether or not to answer it. Well, he does and it seems like old times, the talk was familiar, comforting, and it was like a break up never occurred. Then something happens in the middle of the song which captures your attention even more, Canaan inserted an actual conversation between the two lovers. It’s like we the listener, is eavesdropping on their relationship! Do they get back together? We will have to see, or use our imagination, and figure it out….. The lyrics of  the body of the song, “ Thought I was through when it comes to you, I can’t help myself”…. Does that tell it all? You decide…….

Stream this single on your favorite Platform and Find Canaan Cox on Social Media at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CanaanMusic/




Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5CnwnqqgPo7Ud6SD17Kvfe

Itunes:http://When It Comes to You 3:11 Canaan Cox When It Comes to You – Single Country 0




Robin Beers
Hi, Im Robin. I have been a music groupie/follower, since the '70s (showing my age). Gr0wing up in Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y. there was not a lot of Country music playing on the airways. I always found a way to seek out the country side of my youth, Marshall Tucker Band, Poco, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, and my absolute all time favorite, Dwight Yoakam. The list goes on. (of course my disco friends, never knew this,) Moving to Florida in the early 1980's was awesome! There was more than one Country radio station on FM!! I discovered the greats like Tanya Tucker, Sammy Kershaw, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt, Randy Travis. Line dancing every weekend, I was in heaven!! There is so much great talent out there now, its exciting and they are extremely innovative with their craft. I look forward to each time a new song and album are released. My son is a bass player and has moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of being a touring musician, and he is on the road right now. I guess you can say it runs in the family. :) So now I get the chance to visit the home of country music, Nashville!!! I love reaching out to the up and comers here in FLorida, there is so much amazing talent. This is not just a job, but a passion!!! Robin
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