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Dan & Shay

Dan & Shay Country2Country


Photo Kerry Hanmore

Dan & Shay opened Day 2 of C2C.  I will start by saying I really was NOT looking forward to this act.  I am not keen on their music, I think it lacks strength, it is very samey & gushy!

My mind was changed almost immediately when they burst onto stage with All Nighter.  It was a powerful performance, with yellow strobe lights adding to their stage presence.  Shay said standing on stage he could see a lot of beautiful girls in London!  Nothing Like You followed.  Shay then said “Let’s get this party started!”  As far as I am concerned, he did that 2 songs ago!!  He said “From the left to the right, from the front to the back, lets go!”  This made my friend & I howl as we went to the Isle of Wight festival a few years back & ‘From the front to the back’ was said – a lot, & it became our tag for that year!!

After Stop, Drop & Roll, Shay said he wanted to turn the party up a bit and went into a Bon Jovi cover – You Give Love A Bad Name.  By now I was kicking myself 1) for not looking forward to these guys, but 2) for missing their recent London gig!


We were asked if London wanted to go on a road trip?  The next song was, rather obviously, Road Tripping!  Shay was doing all the talking, but you could see Dan was happy with this.  After Show You Off, Shay said that the next song was the greatest song they have ever written – From The Ground Up, phone lights went up all round the arena.  When they finished the track the 2 guys hugged!  Shay said this was the coolest moment of their lives, they wrote that song in a basement, now they were on the O2 stage in London & people were singing the song back to them with their phone lights on.  This earnt them a huge cheer!

Obsessed was next Shay then said “Let’s turn this party up!”  Didn’t realise we had turned it down!  After How Not To Dan spoke, he said Shay was one of the greatest singers there is and that they were living their dream sharing the stage together & performing their music to such a large crowd, who were singing with them  19 You & Me finished their set.

I was truly amazed at this performance!  I went from not keen to WOW in just 1 song.  The boys were vibrant and energetic and were so grateful at the response they were receiving, you could see they got quite emotional.  They put on a great show & if they come back again I will be 1st in line to buy tickets!

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Helen pocock
Hi, I am Helen & I am from Portsmouth/Southampton. My father is to blame for my love of Country music. I remember back in the ‘70s he bought a set of 6 Country & Western cassette tapes from a newspaper advert. I wore tape number 5 out by playing it so much! I would love to know now what was on that tape! Unfortunately in 1976 my father died and apart from what was on the radio (Terry Wogan in particular!) Country music was switched off in our house. Talking to mum now, we are not sure why and we have come to the conclusion that it wasn’t actually a conscious decision by any of us! My love was reignited in the 90’s when a trip to Calgary Stampede introduced me to Garth Brooks & Friends in Low Places. It was EVERYWHERE!! Every bar, dance hall, shop, radio station, TV programme. I came home with the album! Went back the following year & bought more albums. I kinda then went quiet again. It just didn’t sound right over here. A trip to the CMA Awards in Nashville started me off again (for the 3rd time!) in 2010. This time it was Miranda, Lady A & Carrie who had me hooked. Shortly after I got home I discovered Spotify which made all the Country music I was beginning to love easily accessible and then in 2012 the 1st C2C festival was announced. From there on in Country music DID sound right in this country. Not only that, everything else began to pale by comparison! I have been to all 4 C2Cs (& have my tickets for next year!) Last year I decided to branch out and give FSA Fest a go. Opened up a whole new world to me; UK Country artists, several of these artists had been Pop Up acts at C2C and some have since become friends. I have now become as passionate about them as I am about the US artists!
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